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We live in uncertain times.  As the new millennium unfolds, we find ourselves caught in the tired politics of the past while our Tibetan sisters and brothers on the plateau bear the burden of marginalization and dispossession.  Yet in this moment of political exhaustion, something new is stirring.  Guided by a social vision that places unyielding faith in the promise and decency of humanity, a collective desire to seek new pathways toward meaningful and transformative change is now awakening.  The change we seek requires a new political and moral imagination—one that trusts in humanity’s potential to embrace a politics of love over a politics of fear.


In these uncertain times, there is an urgent need to redefine the collective task that lies ahead.  Any meaningful change for Tibet will require a collective response from the heart—one that transcends differences of language, culture, region, ethnicity, religion, history and education.  The challenges of our times can only be solved by working in solidarity and partnership across political, cultural and linguistic divides.  Where there is mistrust and resentment, we must work to bring confidence and understanding.  Where there is despair and desperation, we must work to inspire hope and empowerment.  Where there is cynicism and hostility, we must build faith in the possibility of creating a shared stake in transformative change.  And as we seek to breach the gap between the promise of our ideals and the reality of our times, we must find the courage to cross uncharted terrain as we re-envision our broken world as one animated by an abiding human love.


  • Engagement. As Tibet approaches a new threshold, we commit ourselves to engaging directly with the challenges facing Tibetans on the plateau—challenges such as that of language and cultural loss, economic marginalization, resource distribution, land management and the delivery of quality education, healthcare and other social services.
  • Solidarity. We commit ourselves to this direct engagement as an act of love and solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.  We know the wrongs of the past, but we choose to look to the future—the future of those who make their lives on the Tibetan plateau and the future their children will inherit.
  • Nonviolence. Our commitment to engagement is firmly rooted in the principle of nonviolence.  Knowing that all life is interdependent and that we are caught in a web of mutuality, we are determined to become the change we seek by finding pathways to social change that value and respect every human life.
  • Building New Capacity. As we seek to engage directly in helping build the future of Tibet, our priority should be to invest in Tibetans themselves.  By creating new opportunities for building capacity, knowledge and experience, we will empower a new generation of Tibetans to develop the skills and competence necessary to steward their communities into the future.
  • Building a New Consensus. In embracing the principle of engagement, we commit ourselves to forging a new consensus on the future of Tibet.  We will gather and form a new global community around this consensus—one that includes citizens of China as well as that of the world—and through these partnerships, synergies and new bonds of trust, we will find our best hope for meaningful, transformative change for Tibet.

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1184 signatories listed

Tashi Rabgey, Washington DC
Tenzin Dolker , Washington, DC
Losang Rabgey, Washington DC
Tsering Perlo, Dartse Do, Chengdu
Sonam Dondup(Chamdo), Chengdu,Sichuan
Geleg palzang, Beijing
Ba. Lobsang Gonbo, Dartsedo
Pelkyi, Lhasa, Tibet
Tenzin Choedhen, USA
Tsering Yangkyi , kham
Tsemdo Thar, Amdo
Woeser(唯色), (Lhasa),Beijing
xxxxxxxxx, new york
Lobsang Dondrup, Rebgong,Tibet
Tsering Topgyal, London
Pencho Rabgey, Lithang and Canada.
Nyima Yangzom, Cincinnati OH
Tsepak Namgyal, Chone, Kanlho
Tsering Lha, Somerville, MA
Maya Walter, Cambridge, MA, USA
Nawang Thokmey, USA
Karma Choedup, Cambridge, MA
Tsering Bun, Portland, USA
Tsering Rabgey, Lindsay, Canada
Jamyang Tenzin, Litang, Tibet
Tenzi Noryang, MN, USA
tenzing yudon, portland,oregon
xxxxxxxxx, Chicago, IL
Dhondup Tashi Rekjong, Norway
Dhondup Dolm, Waltham, MA
Tenzin Dechen, USA
Jigme Duntak, Ottawa, Canada
xxxxxxxxx, Kham
Dekyi Sherpa, NY,
Tenzin Shakya, Berkeley, CA
tenzin lhundup, New York
Namgyal Samdup, Minnesota, USA
Tenzin Choenyi, Toronto
Tenzing Mingmar, New York City
gawa sihle, charlottesville VA
Dawa Lokyitsang, boston usa
Khando Dongchung, Minnesota, USA
Tenzin Kalsang Choephel, Portland, OR
xxxxxxxxx, 506 North Buchanan, Durham, NC 27708
Tenzing C. Andrugsurba, USA
Tenzin Bhuti, Amherst, MA
Anne Dekyi McGuinness, Washington, DC
Lhamo Deva, Lhasa & Sichuan
xxxxxxxxx, Ottawa, Ontario
Teng, VA
Dzorge Guru, Philippines
Pema Dorjee, Amherst, MA
Tenzin Loden G, NY USA
Tenzing Shema, Chicago IL
xxxxxxxxx, Tibet
Tenzin Phakmo Tashi Rapten Tsang, New York City, NY
WD, Yushu, Qinghai
xxxxxxxxx, La Crosse, WI
Tenzing Yangdol, AZ, US
Adha, Mesho(Dege)
Losang Champa, Montreal, Quebec
Passang Tsering, Laramie, Wyoming
Namgyal Chonzom, Dharamsala, HP, India
Tsering Amdo, New York, USA
Pasang Norbu, Panor, USA
sangye trinley, denver
Thupten Norbu, Berkeley
Dorjeetserang, Golmud
Tsering Dhundup, Dharamshala
lhakpa kyizom, Dharamsala
Lobsang Yongdan, Lhasa
Tenzin Lungtok, Chicago
xxxxxxxxx, Toronto
Shamo Thar , Amdo
tenzin kunsel, hastings, uk
Tsering ཚེ་རིང་།, Amdo Ngawa
Ana, Zagreb
lha pa ton zhu, ri ka ze
Dondongyal, tibet
VAJARA_Benny, Lhasa
Thupten Tenzin Thompo , LONDON, UK
Dhondup D Zurkhang, Ithaca, NY
Tenzin palzan, Germany
Tenzing Jigme, Toronto
Tenzin Tsering, Toronto, Ontario
Yeshi Tenzin, lhasa,Tibet
xxxxxxxxx, 湖南
Bhuchung Tsering, Washington, D.C
thondup gyaltsen, china
xxxxxxxxx, 青海
Lobsang Namgang, 99016186
Tenzin luobu,
xxxxxxxxx, Lhasa,Tibet
Phanthok, བོད་ གཞི་ཀ་ཙེ་
Lhundup Amdo, Fairfax, VA
Tsepa Bayul, Boston, MA USA
Sherab Lhatsang, Madison WI
平措多吉, 北京
Ngawang Norpu, Tibet
nawang sherpa, minnesota, usa
Silas Tashi, Denmark
Tenzin Phunkhang, Canada
Tenzin Thosam, Uva. U.S.A.
Tencho Gyatso, Mclean, VA
Tenzin Norzom, Va, USA
legdenchampa, longueuil quebec
pasang norbu, MA, USA
tenzin Dolkar, chicago
Tashi, London
Jigme Tsering, Canada
drolma, shanghai china
Amdo Ganzey Tshering, Medford, MA
Phuntsok Wangden, Suisun City, CA,USA
Tsering Samdup, Cambridge, MA
tenzin namdak, belgium
tenzin kunsang, new york
Konchok Chogye, Switzerland
Tenzin Gelek, Boston, USA (India)
Tenzin Tsepel, berkeley, ca
Sonam Dolma, Toronto, ON, Canada
Tenzin Chime, London, UK
Dechen Dolkar Goff , Toronto, Canada
tsering yangkyi amdo, fairfax
Shaokyi Amdo, Fairfax, VA
Yangchen Tsomo, Portland
Gyurme Tethong, San Jose, CA
tenam, minneapolis,mn
xxxxxxxxx, New York
Lobsang Tsering, Portland, OR
DrugGyaKer, U.S.A.
Samphel Bayul, Somerville, MA
Dickyi Tsering , New York
Lobsang Dechen, Nederland
xxxxxxxxx, beijing
Mingyur, Dharamsala
Tsewang gyurme, Fairfax, VA
Tsering Drolma, USA
yangchen, amdo
xxxxxxxxx, Washington
Thaxi, Lhasa
xxxxxxxxx, lasa
migmar gokyi, lhasa
xxxxxxxxx, india
khamsum wangdu, kathmandu
xxxxxxxxx, amdo
Ngodup Fabian Sørensen, Zürich, Switzerland
Tenzin Dolkar Goff, Canada
dekyi, shanghai China
tsering tenzin, india
Chokey Tsering, Toronto, ON, Canada
Tenchoe Dorjee, Calgary, AB
Dechen Tsering, Berkeley, CA
tsering dolma, madison, wi
Tsering Dolma, Berea, KY
pema dolker, berkeley usa
Tenzin Thokmey , New York
Tenzin Gyalmo, Minnesota, USA
Dorjee Norbu, Minnesota, USA
Drolma , USA
Amdo-Tenzin Dolkar, USA
Amdo-Rinchen Dolma, Amdo Tibet
Tenpa Dugdak, Australia
Nyendak Tsekyi, California
Chhunju Andrugsurba, New Jersy
karmo, Aba
Pema McGuinness, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tsering Dorjee Margey, Switzerland
Dawa Dorjee, San Francisco
xxxxxxxxx, Norway
Wangchuk Tsering, Toronto, Canada
nepal tibet solisarity forum, nepal
扎西, 武汉
Dekyi Dolkar, Geneva, Switzerland
bhutah chodak, chicago, il
Sherab Gyatso, Chicago
Tenzin Chodak, Seattle, USA
Tenzin Yangzom, New York
Tenzin Jampa, Chicago, IL
sonam yangchen, New York
dhondup tsering, Madison Wisconsin
kalsang Lhamo, Lhasa
Olo Sonam, Chicago, IL
Jampel Rigsang, Toronto, Canada
Rigpe Chozin, Bloomington, Indiana
Tsering Namgyal, (Hongyuan, Aba ) xining
Tenzin Losel, India
Hannah Fisher, Toronto, Canada. Dubai, UAE
Tibet Urgent Response Network, London, England
Four Directions Tibet, London, England
David Meanwell, Sutton, Surrey, UK
Veit Burger, Ohlsdorf, Austria
Dechen Paldon , USA
tenzbom, Tibet
Evelin Ptassek, Hofheim, Germany
chimepalden, banglore
Robert-Jocelyne, Belgium
Dolkar Wangmo, Toronto
Nawang Lhautara, usa
Dekyi, Woodside, NY
Dawa Lokyitsang, Boston, MA, USA
xxxxxxxxx, Canada
xxxxxxxxx, Asheville, NC
Xiaopo Huang, 2146 Kings Garden Way, Falls Church, VA 22043
Linda Anna Mancini, Boston, MA
Michael Craig, Toronto, Canada
Kalsang Yangzom, Berkeley, CA
Lobsang, Germany
bawa_gal, belgium
Chelsea Hall, New York
sonam , toronto
xxxxxxxxx, Bowen Island, B.C. Candada
Nelson Walker, New York, NY
Nyima Choedron, Lhasa
Sonam Nyatsatsang, Denver, US
Tsewang SM, Lhasa Tibet
Gillian Walker, New York
xxxxxxxxx, Canada
xxxxxxxxx, NC
xxxxxxxxx, Kathmandu
Kristen Lavallee, USA
Tenpa and Tseten Lektsog, Pickering, Canada
John Flower, Arlington, Virginia
KC Choong, Toronto, Canada
Bruce McIntosh, Olga, Washington
Deborah Samdup, Canada
Jeffrey Cupchik, Toronto, Canada
Tenzin Subhar, Berkeley, CA
Yunzi Zhang, Washington DC
Austin Barney, New York, NY
Tenzin Lektsog-Loden, Pickering, Canada
Karen Chan, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
Ngawang Dolker, Minnesota, USA
Cindy Bird, Birmingham, Alabama USA
Carlton Williams, Roxbury, MA, USA
Christian A. Williams, Ithaca, New York, USA
annie kelly, England
Tenzin Jampa Samdo, Boston, MA
tenzin wangchuk, chicago, il
Bradley Aaron, Chicago, IL
Tiffany Reinitz, Minneapolis, MN USA
David Germano, Charlottesville, USA
Marc Solomon, Boston, MA
Harry Bronneberg, Sittard, Netherland
Julie Bowes, Annandale, VA
Erin O\'Meara Pettis, Gainesville, FL
Lhaksam, SLC, Utah
xxxxxxxxx, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Laura Mardiks, Brooklyn, NY
Norsang Khangtetsang, Santa Cruz, CA
Tenzin Lobsang Wangkhang, Ottawa, ON
Joe Giallombardo, Chicago, IL
kalsang lhamo, usa
David Newman, New York, NY
xxxxxxxxx, Oxford
sonamkyi, qinghai
Anna Philipsen, Netherlands
Jan Skat Olsen, Denmark
Chris, Xining
K. Potts, Ontario, Canada
Rob McGuiness, Burlington, ON, Canada
Lorelle Nelson, Las Vegas NV
Lancelot Davis, Las Vegas NV
Nathalie Bergeron, Montréal
Danny O\'Neill, New York, NY
Beth Hoke,
Rebecca Martin, Washington, DC
Elizabeth Tseng , Washington DC
Chris Ratke, Washington, DC
Kawa Namgyal, Amdo
Sodnam Tsering, Amdo
David Newheiser, Chicago, IL
Angelica Das, Washington, DC
Barbara Kelley, Bishop, CA
tsering jampa, the netherlnads
Matthia Schmidt, Geneva, CH
xxxxxxxxx, Norway, Oslo
tsam Lama, Canada
Daisy Wood, UK
lois shane, beijing
Elaine Taylor(Tenzin Pema), Honolulu,HI USA
xxxxxxxxx, DC
Lia Nogueira, Portugal
xxxxxxxxx, Toronto, Canada
losang gyatso, Fairfax, VA
xxxxxxxxx, new delhi,india
Lobsang Nyima, canada
Tenzin Kalsang, Minneapolis, MN
Chodpaylhamo, Philippines
pagba dondrop, Qinghai, xining
Dawa Lhamu Bhutia Sherpa, Kathmandu Nepal
Heather Smyth, Toronto, ON, Canada
Jampa Ghapontsang, Cambridge, MA
David Newheiser, Chicago, IL
Leslie Butterfield, Washington, DC
Ann Krcik, California
xxxxxxxxx, Maine, US
Nancy Sexton, Nevada City, CA, USA
Namgyal Dorjee, Australia
Jen Couch, Australia
Michael Smith, New Orleans, LA, USA
Kanu Sengupta, Paris, FRANCE
Ken, California, USA
Dan Haig, Charlottesville Virginia
Sean Anderson, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
Florence James, Toronto, Canada
Karma Chura Tsang, London UK
Peter MacArthur, Lindsay
tsering dorjee, san francisco, ca
dasang subhar, san francisco, ca
Tenzin Singhi, minneapolis, MN
Lisa, Sydney
John Ullman, New York City
Joe Wong, Toronto, ON
tashi samphel, Delhi
Tenzin Tsokyi Nyishar, Seattle, WA
xxxxxxxxx, oakland california
Circle of Friends for Tibet, Cebu, PI
Lucy Burnett, Scotland
tenzin choesang, Bolzano, ITALY
Tseten Dolkar, Silicon Valley, CA
Franziska Charteris, Kleinton, Australia
xxxxxxxxx, Boston
Tashi M. Yangdon Dhoguetsang, US
matt zaccarino, worcester, massachusetts USA
Michael Katz, Boston
Tenzin Yangchen, Boston, Ma
Ngawang Norbu, Malden, MA
Exa Mendez, Mexico City
Brittany Gabey, McDonough, GA
Tenzin Conechok, Boston, MA USA
sonamla shrestha, NY, USA
Tenzin Sonam, Boston, MA
Unyong Waide, Arlington, VA
Omar Burgara, Conway, Arkansas
Gerardo Oñate, Mexico
Tenzin Yangchen, Minnesota
Phil Varela, Minnesota
xxxxxxxxx, United States
Shinsang Tsanjhang, Minnesota, USA
Tenzin Kunsal, Minnesota
Robert Chandra, Melbourne, Australia
Nakita Natala, USA
Kalsang Chophel, Boston, MA
Sarojini Rao, Bombay, India
Tenzin Rigden, Minneapolis, MN
xxxxxxxxx, Minnesota
Tenzin Tsetan Lobsang, Minnesota
Katie Waddle, Chicago, IL
Madhav Ajjampur, USA
Jigme Ritzekura, Minnesota, US
Alan Lorefice, New York, USA
Nawa Dolker, Madison, WI
Nav Dayanand, Washington, DC
Tenzin Chosang, Saint anthony, MN
Norzin Wangpo, Richfield, MN
Bethany Brady Spalding, Washington, DC USA
Sharon Caldwell, California
Tenzin Soepa, Belmont,MA USA
Daniel Miller, New Delhi, India
tenzin palber,
Tendor Norbu, St. Paul, MN
Yong-Sil Kim, Fairfax, VA
Gloria Chien, USA
Sarah Lorraine, Philadelphia, PA
polly matzinger, Bethesda, MD
Trisha Nakano, Washington, DC
Memphis Holland, Washington, DC
Tenzin Zomkey Namling, Virginia
Tenzin Mochoe , Northern Virginia
xxxxxxxxx, New York, NY
Jann Ronis, Charlottesville, VA
Pema Geyleg, Charlottesville,VA
elizabeth krist, Washington, DC
Alisa La, Washington, D.C
Dorjee Chinyam, Minneapolis, MN
xxxxxxxxx, New Mexico
rigzin dolma, minne
John Isom, California
K Parker, Washington, DC
Metok Tenpa, Missourie
ལུང་རིགས་རྒྱལ།, རྒྱ་གར།
Karma Tashi, USA
Julia Hutter, Washington, DC
Joe Hutter, Washington, DC
Parit Sripakdeevong, Cambridge MA
tashi palzom, Madison, WI
Tenzin Dheden, Minnesota,USA
Jason Giannaros, Washington, DC
Lauren Fitzgerald, Austin, TX
choedar, bylakuppe
Michael Lloyd, Arlington, VA
Allie Bishow, McLean, VA
Wendy Thayer, Tucson, AZ, USA
Palden Gyal, Norway
xxxxxxxxx, New Jersey
tashi dekyid, Ta\\'u,kham
Sonam Gyatso, London, UK
Polly Nell Jones, Reston, VA
Janet Cotgrave, British Columbia, Canada
Mario, Geneve
Loveena, Washington, DC
xxxxxxxxx, San Francisco, CA USA
Mikel Dunham, Los Angeles, CA
Jodi Gulka, Canada
Star Aasved, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Woeser K Jongdong, Toronto, Canada
arti pandey, boston
Veronica, Chile
John Nicol, United States of America
Muna Gurung, Bangkok, Thailand
deborah musso sprengler, germany
Kim Gaeth, Michigan
Robyn Brentano, New York, NY
lobsang dhargyal, dharamsala, india
Kalsang Tsomo, Toronto, Canada
Tenzin Jamphel , Toronto, Canada
Pempa Dolma, Ithaca, NY
XXXX, Tibet
Jimmy Chin, Victor, Idaho
Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D., Santa Rosa, California
MHONA International, San Francisco, CA, USA
Brendan Aaron, Chicago
Alan Wells, Sault Ste Marie, Canada
Gerardo Barrales, Morelia, Mexico
Lisa Schubert, New York City
Alyson Ghizzoni, Boston, Ma
Kenneth Broad, Miami, Florida, USA
Kirstie Cran, Luxembourg
Nicola, Lyon, FRANCE
xxxxxxxxx, Somerset, UK.
Rob with Campus Antiwar Network, Madison, WI USA
Bill McGrath,
Judit Bartok, London
Robert Thurman, New York USA
xxxxxxxxx, Exeter, NH
Jennifer Morrow, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tashi Nyima, Chamdo
John Amato, Santa Rosa, CA USA
Max Radiff, Lindsay ON Canada
Adrienne Anderson, Lindsay, Ontario
Simone Polis, Australia
Tony Cate, Missoula, MT
Christian Wedemeyer, Chicago, IL
Mollie Rodriguez, New York
Alex Hubbard, New York
Michele Colombo, Italy
john solomon, costa rica
Richard Gere, New York
xxxxxxxxx, Chicago,IL
Tenzin Phuntsog, New York
jaka bizilj, berlin
Gang Yue 乐钢, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
xxxxxxxxx, Swansea UK
Robert Hill, Sydney
Patricia Beltran, Morelia,Michoacan
Urania Chavarría Decanini, México
Daniela Rivera, México, DF
J. Lambert, Canada
Tenzin Dickyi, Boston
Rafael Herranz, Madrid/Spain
xxxxxxxxx, Spain
Ian Anderson, Lindsay, Canada
Ramona Moran Ruiz, Madrid España
manuela garcia, Spain
Mónica Hernández, Chile
John Ackerly, Washington, DC
xxxxxxxxx, Oaxaca, México
Julie Zhang, Shanghai, China & United States
Ben Moore, London
Sonam Yangzom,
Maxine Crook, Canada
Fred L. Mallery, Eugene, OR
Bob Kalayjian, Long Beach, CA
Jose F. Hernandez, Silver spring, MD.
robert egger, Washington, DC
Pete Helfrich, Calgary, AB
Lynn True, New York, NY
Tracy B. Good, Canada
Tessa Star, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
James Simpson, Joshua Tree, CA
Tracey Rezak, United States
xxxxxxxxx, México
karma, belgium
Tenzin Kunsang Tashi, Boston, USA
Sonam Tsering, St. Paul, MN, USA
martin bo petersen, denmark
Janne Nurmela, Finland
Timothy J O\'Malley, Chiang Mai Thailand
phuntsok ngodup, Belgium Huy
Kelsang Draggo, skokie USA
Kathryn Gervasi, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Manoj Dhomun, Mauritius
Tam Weston, United Kingdom
Patricia Stengle, Santa Rosa, California
xxxxxxxxx, Montreal
M Mireur, Laval
xxxxxxxxx, Calgary, Ab, Canada
Sarah Chynoweth, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Carlos Paredes, Barcelona (Spain)
luis garcia zavala, Queretaro mexico
cinzia minoli, italy
Lourdes Villalobos, México
Celeste Molina, Guatemala
Richard Bacon, Coventry, UK
Guadalupe Eunice Campirán García, D.F. México
Dolma Yangzom, New York City, USA
Jigme Damdul, Nepal
Ugyen Sangpo, Nepal
Jan Klas, Netherlands
Ayinla Shilu Ao, Delhi, India
John Wenz, New Jersey
Yangdol, Dharamsala
Anne Rivers, New York, NY
Tom Duggan, Bellingham, Washington USA
Dorota Bartniczuk, NY
Federico Hool, Guadalajara, Mexico
xxxxxxxxx, mexico
Travis McCauley, Toronto, ON
Tenzin Dawoe, Albuquerque, NM
Lobsang Tsewang, New Mexico
Prisna Dixit, Kathmandu, Nepal
Jeronimo Maradiaga, New York, USA
mateo galvano, athens, ohio
Tenzin Namdol, London
Nahita, Dhaka, Bangladesh
xxxxxxxxx, Ladakh, India
Daja Wangchuk Meston, Boston
Phuntsok Dolma Meston,
Dorjee Tsering, India
Elizabeth Morris, Arlington, VA
Anai Rhoads, Washington, D.C.
Melanie Burke, Chicago
Tshering Chonzom, New Delhi
Norbu, Tsewang, Germany
Robert Mayer, Oxford
Galen Murton, Somerville, MA, USA
Bryan Crosby, Kingston, Canada
Andy Johnson, Taos, NM
Tsewang Choedon NAZEE, Toronto, Canada
Khenrab Palden, Amherst, MA
xxxxxxxxx, Telluride, CO
xxxxxxxxx, Milwaukee, WI
Daisy Wood, UK
Barbara Banks, Berkeley, CA
Thupten Dolma Phuntsog, California
Tenzin Tsundue, Dharamsala, INDIA
Yolanda Guerrero P., México
Azita Amirieh, Iran -Portugal
Lobsang Kundrel, UK
Jacob Sharp, Chapel Hill, NC
Geshe Thupten Dorjee, USA
Tsering choden, Canada
Susana, Maxico
Patrick Chew, San Bruno, CA
Mia Hansson, London, UK
Eliza Mutino, Grinnell, IA
Losang Gelek, Toronto Canada
Patricia McCallum, Toronto.ON. Canada
barbaragreen, berkeley
Tam Eastley, Berlin, Germany
Namgyal Chonzom, Dharamsala, HP, India
xxxxxxxxx, San Jose, Costa Rica
Nancy Zou, Washington DC
Lisa (Warren) Kapp, Lindsay and Toronto, Canada
michela t, new york
xxxxxxxxx, washington dc
stewart scriver, toronto canada
Tenzin Chodon, MN,USA
Tenzin Sangmo, salt lake city
Sam Averill, U.S.A.
Wesley Griffin, Durham, NC
Christina Kilby, Cambridge, MA
Jenny Solecki, Washington, DC
pema, taiwan
Bernadette Wardman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tashi(扎西), Kham(甘孜州)
xxxxxxxxx, Washington, DC
Chad M. Hutchings, Toronto
Tenzin Dolsel, Minnesota, USA
Michael Thurston, New York, USA
xxxxxxxxx, USA
Josch Rehberg, Germany, Berlin
Werner H. Fischer, Helsinki/Finland
Chopathar Waye Mache, Columbia University New York
Tenzin D. Lama, Santa Cruz, CA
xxxxxxxxx, Minnesota, MN, USA
Santiago, Sevilla-España
Keelin Fitzgerald, Dublin, Ireland
akemi takahashi, Japn
Don Loga, Montreal, Quebec
Abril Pérez, Querétaro, México
janet gyatso, cambridge, ma
jigdo, Zürich
Patrick Hamilton, Washington DC
Christine Racine, Brunswick, ME, USA
Kaymolly Morrelle, Australia
Jo Sisson, New Zealand
Teresa Montemayor, mexico
josephine mccambridge, ireland
xxxxxxxxx, Calgary, AB Canada
Aanya Niaz, Charlottesville, Virginia
Anna Sosdian, Charlottesville, VA
horiot, paris
Joyce Johnson, Manteca, CA
Ian Harlen, California
Tenzin K Kabar, Calgary
xxxxxxxxx, Bishop, USA
Clem fernandez, Petaluma, CA
Maria Dzul, Ames, IA
Rachel Holmes, Washington, DC
Nick Masi, Reston, VA
Jane M Farmer, Santa Fe, NM
xxxxxxxxx, Madison, WI
khenpo, singapore
celia andrade morales, mexico D.F.
sarah eedy, canada
xxxxxxxxx, daramsala
Tenzin Nordon, Minneapolis, MN
Dekyi Dorjee, Calgary, Canada
Thomas LaClair, Chicago, IL
Susan Schroeder, Detroit, Michigan
xxxxxxxxx, Washington, DC
xxxxxxxxx, Charlottesville,VA
patricia, argentina
Nada, charlottesville, VA
susan g mulhall, washington dc
Karen S. Muggeridge, Boston, Massachusetts; USA
Jim Gourley,
Chukor, Qinghai
Jon Becker, Boulder, CO
kalsang gyatso, NY
Alex Mezei, Calgary, Canada
Jessica Falcone, Asheville, NC
xxxxxxxxx, León, Guanajuato, México
Dechen Wangmo (Dominique Riou), France
xxxxxxxxx, Washington, DC
xxxxxxxxx, Seattle, WA
karina Alarcon Leiva, santiago Chile
Laura Spitzer, Las Cruces
Anne Harper, Washington, DC
samdup k. lama, Portland, OR
Vanessa Brown, Brooklyn, NY
Terryl Chapman, Cape May, NJ
Tenzin yonten, Canada
Stephanie Stroud, Washington DC
xxxxxxxxx, Washington, DC
Liz Hamill, Brazil
Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta, New York
norbu dhundup, toronto
ivana stanisic, serbia
xxxxxxxxx, brasil
Eva, Ukraine,Kiev
Jocelyn Watson, London, UK
Mary Mutch, La Crosse, WI 54601
John D\'Ambra, Butler, NJ USA
Marcus Woo, Virginia, USA
Sylvia Watanabe, Oberlin,OH
xxxxxxxxx, Spain
Maarten Dungen, Netherlands
Kunga Lama, Boulder, CO
xxxxxxxxx, Morelia, Mich.
xxxxxxxxx, Morelia, Mich. MEXICO
Tashi Norbu, India ,New Delhi
chokyi, Dharamshala
Hillary Levin, Baltimore, MD
Jan Willem den Besten, washington DC
Arlette Kreps, Belium
Alan Webb, Washington, DC
Karma D. Namgyal, Washington, DC
Christy Hill, Illinois USA
Natasha Muller, Fairfax,VA
Mary Harrison, Australia
xxxxxxxxx, Princeton, NJ
Daniel Edminster, Washington, DC
Samia Mckeever, Tampa,Fl
xxxxxxxxx, Bloomington, IN
Rachael Poor, Portland, Oregon, US
Rosario Gonzalez, Colima, Mexico.
Katia Pisetzky, UK
Kersten Dryden, NY
Mike Cooperstein, San Carlos de Bariloche Argentina
Naomi Parrott Halpern, Eugene, OR
Angela Griffiths, UK
Sophia Tsirbas, Washington, DC
Sharifa Yamba, Pittsburgh, PA
Tsechu Dolma, NYC, NY
Laura Perkins, Washington DC
Tsering Dolma Sither, Washington, DC
xxxxxxxxx, Washington, DC
Sean, Gaborone, Botswana
jin zhou, 25 vickies place, millington, New Jersey,US,07946
Liz Demers, Camrose AB
Pete Helfrich, Calgary, AB
Gray Tuttle, Columbia University, NYC
Donald Jackson, Buffalo, NY
Tenzin Wangchuk, India.
Soumish, India
Ismael Herrera Yañez, Mexico
Kathy Anderson, Lindsay, Ontario
Jessie Himmelstern, Washington DC
Nisa Hadid, Indonesia
Tsering Dhondrup, 青海
Michael Schuman, Charlottesville, Va.
Alex Caring-Lobel, NYC
xxxxxxxxx, New York City
Kalsang Wangdu, New York City
Rodrigo Sandoval Durán, México D.F.
Kyuyeon Min, Washington DC
Yaqiu Wang, Washington DC
Alexandra Rodríguez, Monterrey, Mexico
chhime dolkar, Richmond
Samantha Stehle, Washington, DC
xxxxxxxxx, Seattle, WA
xxxxxxxxx, Seattle, WA
Marietta Gat, New York
Emily Fleitz, Kettering, Ohio
Dorjee Tsetan, New York
Derrick Vocelka, Bishop, CA
Danielle Pelaez, Washington, DC
Ben Young , Washington, DC
Gyatso Tsultrim, NYC
xxxxxxxxx, London, England
Tim Ward, Washington,DC
xxxxxxxxx, New York City
xxxxxxxxx, Nanjing
Sonia Jarrett, Ithaca, NY
Yiqiu Zhang, 700 Commonwealth avenue, Boston, MA, USA
Sandy Newhouse, USA
Gabriel Lafitte, Melbourne, Australia
Sonam Topden(Astee), Warsaw, Poland
Pema Gyatso, Seattle, WA
Francesco Saverio Quatrano, Naples, Italy
Hortsang Jigme, New York
Thierry Dodin, London
Luke Ramsey, Memphis, TN
Laina Runk, Toronto, Ontario
Harry Weiss, Washington dc
Anne K. Lynch, Washington, D.C.
Mary Ellen MacCallum, North Vancouver
Eric Schwartz, United States
C. McNeill, Pontypool, Ontario
Mark Maitman, Canada
Linda Emerson, Bishop, CA
Patricia Lew, United States
Kesang Getza Tashi, Hanover, New Hampshire
Alice Harten, Bozeman, MT USA
Diana Fidler, Poland
Stephanie Larson, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sarah Vocelka Hendrickson, Nevada City, CA
xxxxxxxxx, Bishop, California USA
Rose Catron, Lee Vining, CA
Susanne Olson , Bishop, USA
Betsy McDonald, California
Holly Warner, Midpines, CA
Vivian Hanson, Bishop, CA
Kathryn Anderson, Bishop, CA, USA
CBH, Bishop, CA
Tsepalmo, Beckley
Tsering Jeshong, Washington, DC
Tenzin Dawa , Chicago, IL
Tsering Yangzom, Middletown, CT
Jigme Ugen , USA
Thupten Singh, Los Angeles, CA
Tashi Samphel , India
Tenzin Geleck , Songtan, South Korea
Tenzin S, Berkeley
Tenzin Dolma , Dharamsala
Tenzin Yangchen, London
duojiewangdui, zhongguohunana
Gtashi, Lhasa
Karma Tsering ,
Luosangdanzeng, hunanminyuan
Sang a qu ji, Tibet
Pemawangye, Lhasa Tibet
Tsewang , TAR of PRC
Tenzing Barshee, Washington, DC
Tsering Yangzom, Cambridge, MA
Tenzin D , Dharamshala
Richard , Switzerland
Tenzing Ghazietsang, Toronto, Canada
Thinley Choegyal, Old Saybrook, CT
Anamza Tashitso, USA
Tenzing Jigme , Minneapolis, MN
Thupten, Shandong
Pema Rinzin , Chicago
Pelma Seldon, CA
Amdo-Tashi Gyamtso, USA
Pema Dorjee , Amherst, MA, USA
Tenzin Khando Tsering , Salt Lake City, UTAH
Sonam Dolkar , Suja, India
Naresh Mathur , New Delhi
Ngawang Choklay , Toronto
Drolma Dundrup, USA
Tsering Yanchen , New York, USA
Rinzin Manee , Switzerland
Tenley Palsang , Boston, MA
Susan Chen , North Carolina, US
Tenzin Deckyi, Virginia, USA
Chukee , Virginia, USA
Charlotte Bonilla , Chevy Chase, MD
Ngawang Tsonvi , Mysore
Dechen Thurman , New York
Dondhon Namseling , Washington, DC
Aznar , Suisse
Tenzin Dolker , San Francisco, CA
Tenzin Dawoe, San Francisco, CA
Tashi Dolma , San Francisco, CA
Norzin Khang , San Francisco, CA
Topdhen Takza , Berkeley, CA
Karma Dolma , San Francisco, CA
PET Mexico - Tibet Support Group , Mexico DF
Sonam Tsering Lama , Connecticut
Tenzing Dawa , Boston, MA
Gail Morrison , Canada
Tenzin Dongag , USA
Tenzin Kunga , USA
Tenzin Lhunedup , Belmont, MA USA
Sheuphen Zompo, MN, USA
Tenzin Lekphel , Minnesota
Dolma Gazan , Maryland
Tenzin Yeshi , Minnesota
Pema Chinyam , Minneapolis, MN
Garab, Mangalore
Ngawang Kalsang , San Francisco
Lobsang, Bylakuppe
Chahe Dabanjian, France
Justin Lansing, Bangkok, Thailand
Nyima Tsering , Dharamsala
Abu, Lhasa, Tibet
Melanie Turner Mccroan, Marianna, FL, USA
Tashi, Dhera dun
Rinchen Namgyal, India
Tsering Dolker, Chicago
Kathy Anderson, Lindsay Ontario Canada
Tad Welch, Greensboro, NC
Dave and Roberta Allen, Lindsay, Canada
Mary Beth Markey, USA
Eglin François, Paris
Lobsang Gyatso, NY
Alex Hubbard, New York
Lindsay Kvam, Santa Rosa, CA
Paul Kaltenbach, Santa Rosa, CA
Gerardo Gardea A., Monterrey, N. L. México
Greg Stewart, Brighton.UK.
Gina Haney, Mountain
Sunny Dupree, Esq., Cambridge, MA 02138
Heather Barton, Calgary, AB
Phuntsok, Belgium Huy
Karen Robson, UK
Tenzin Tsepal Lungkara, Chicago, IL
Alejandro Garcia, Madrid
Vanessa Linares , Spain
Ha Le, London
Gopal Subedi, Waterville, ME
Babui Salsabil, USA
Fred L. Mallery, Eugene, OR
Lesley Buckmaster, Burlington, ON, Canada
James Cummins, England
Julia Burke, Hillsborough, NC USA
Elisabeth Constantine,
Tenzin Chogyal , New Delhi, India
Choki Wangchuk, New York, USA
Charles Chen, Taipei, Taiwan
Monica, USA
Emilie Cronauer, CT, USA
HORIOT, Aix , France
Sonam , Minnesota
Norbu Sangbo , Astoria, NY
L. Tenpa, VA
Alejandro Alarcon, Chile
Mireur Muriel , Quebec, Canada
Lisa Oliver , Tupelo MS USA
Jody Ye, Bristol, UK
Palden Gyal , North Carolina, US
Maria, California
Jürgen Gräf, Germany
Kenneth Huo, Palo Alto, California
Mike Cooperstein, Bozeman, MT USA
Alana Martinson, Canada
Tenzin Lekshey, Nepal
Dickyi Tsering, New York
Michael Davis, Hong Kong
Anonymous, USA
Christine Ann, Allegan, Michigan
Morgan Friedman, McPherson Sq.
Tenzin Norgay, Boston
Stevan Harrell, Seattle, Washington
Sean McMorris, Washington, DC
Thedil, New York
Thupten Thondup, Santa Fe, NM
Amalia Pelaez, Princeton, NJ
Victoria Cruz y Johner, Geneva, Switzerland
Tenzing Tekan , Washington, DC
Khenrab Palden, New York
Ellie Yanagisawa, United States
Pema Namgyal , Ottawa
Wangdu D., Ottawa, ON
Josh Brickman, Washington, DC
Nicole Deanne, Washington, DC
Tenzin Palkyi, Washington, DC
Rebecca Martin, Washington, DC
Tenzin Nangkyi , Washington D.C.
Dondhon Namling , Washington D.C.
Bumo Tsering, India
Asha Pradhan , Washington, D.C.
Tenzin Tselha, Washington DC
Roberta McIntosh, Bishop, CA
Mara Canizzaro, Cambridge, MA
Tsering Dolkar , Lithang, Tibet
Marnie Nelles , Lindsay, Ontario
Cheryl Chipman, Death Valley, CA
Renee Ren, New York
Jamie Morris, Lindsay, Canada
Glenda Morris, LIndsay, ON Canada
Carolyn Van Alstyne, Lindsay Ontario Canada
Dale Urekar, Lindsay, ON
Sandy Cortello, North Carolina
Julie Bear, Mariposa, CA
Vivian Vasquez, Illinois
Jangchup Lingpa, New Delhi
Muriel Mireur, New Delhi
Taghreed Elsanhouri, Khartoum, Sudan
Erica J Burns, Idaho & Arizona
Bart Leonard , Washington DC
John Smiley, USA
Lori Bowermaster, Bishop, CA
Sydney Quinn, California
Linda E. Arnold, Bishop, CA 93514
Catherine Soria, United States
Ted Schade, Bishop, California, USA
Darla Heil, Bishop, CA, USA
Sharon Connor, Bishop, CA, USA
Andrea Pucci, Bishop CA
Shawn Delehanty, Bishop, CA
Valerie Trenter, Woodside, CA
Jerry Trenter, Woodside, CA
Tseten Tekan , Washington DC
Gioia , McLeod Ganj
Rajratna Bansode , Aurangabad , India
Li Zheng , Washington DC
Rinchen Dolma , North Carolina
Jhamotso , GA
Emma Forman, washington DC
Meg Taylor, washington DC
Li Zheng , washington DC
Clare Stevens-Gaboury, Lindsay, Ont.,canada
Lobsang Vangdak, Toronto
Shiwapa Kunkhyab Palzang, India
Yewong , Massachusetts
James Zhenyu Liao, United States
Tenzin Zomkey, NYC, New York
Rinchen Dolma , North Carolina
Vidya Srinivasan, Washington, DC
Vidya Srinivasan, Washington, DC
Tenzin Bhuthi Bhutia, Santa Clara, California
Huatse Gyal , Portland
Tenzin Dechen, Madison,WI, USA
Karen Lang, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Thupten K. Dakpa, New Delhi
Mary Jane McEwan, California
Sonam diki, New York
Tenzin Dechen, New York
Sonam Dhondup, Stony Brook
Tenzin Tsomo,
Gangchen Jahyu, Seoul, South Korea
Pamela Logan, United State
Em, Bishop, CA, USA
Leo Pisculli, Bishop, CA
Judy Conrad, Nevada, USA
Nicholas Schley, Gunnison, CO, USA
Ted Schade, Bishop, CA
Lisa Schade, Bishop, CA
Denise Waterbury, United States
Shawn Hayes, Bishop, CA
Mona Bruchmann, Dharamsala
Lancelot Davis, LasVegas , NV, USA
Ann Wong, Bishop, CA
Jo Rowlands, London
Norbu Dbang Rgayl, Vermont
Chuen-Min Huang, Taipei, Taiwan
Tenzin Tsultrim, South Burlington, Vermont
Tenzin Youlo, WI, USA
Tsering Dorjee Thukbu, India
Maddie Jordan, Washington, DC
Sebastian Kwakkenbos, Washington, DC
Zhaoyuan Liu, Washington, DC
Huatse Gyal , Portland
Julie Scarrone, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Tenzin Kalsang, Albuquerque, NM
Vince White, Bishop, CA
Cathie Mulder, United States
Jin Zhou , Clinton, NY
Tsering T. Yusea, Virginia
Guru Kyab, Boston,MA
Nawang Phuntsog, CA, USA
Rignam Wangkhang, Canada
Gosse Gord, Canada
Tashi Wangkhang, Canada
Gangchen Jahyu, South Korea
John Mark Robertson , Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Manla Kyi, Amdo; Washington DC
Yutong Li, US
Tseten Tekan, washington, DC
Tenzin, India
Losang Nima,
Luke Dickinson, Ohio
Charoy Thurston, USA
Losang, Washington DC
Losang Nima, Washington DC
Garry Oye, Henderson, Nevada, USA
Kimberly Hammond, VA
Yueyang Zhang, Beijing, China
Pena Dorje, Virginia, USA
Swathi Sadagopan, Montreal, Canada
Travis Price, Washington, DC
Prerna Balasundaram, Washington, DC
Puzhenruoma, Singapore
Eric Connelly, Washington, DC
Ani Thubten Tenzin, France/Australia
Joan Boxer , Toronto, Canada
Yangzom Dolma, New York, USA
Samar, Huntsville, AL
Alex Davis, Daegu, South Korea
Dicky Doleck, New York, NY
Tenzin Dalha, MN, CA
Eva Herzer, Albany, CA
Adam Dick, Chicago, IL
Ralph Litzinger, Duke/Beijing/青藏高原
Tenzin Nawang Tekan, Toronto, ON
Tenzin tsering , ny, Woodside
Tenzin tsering , new york
Kalsang Dhondup , India
Tenzin Kunsal, Minneapolis, MN
Tsewang Gonpo, NY
yeshi duntak, canada
Dr. Faisal Moola, Toronto
lhakpa , Belleville,canada
Tenzin Tsetan Losang, Minnesota
Ilona Wille, Peterborough, ON, Canada
Alden Nash, bishop, CA
Sonam Topgyal, New York City
namgyal gyalnub, United States
jigme, france
Eka Choong, Singapore
Tenzin Rabga, USA
Lhaga & Sonam Marpa, USA
Martin Wikelski, Konstanz, Germany
Thupten Jampa , New Delhi
Sherap Gyaltsen, Los Angeles
Wangchuk, Nepal
Tenzin Norzin, Minnesota
Ilona Wille, Canada
tenzin jigme, India
lobsang aila tsering, india
Lumo Tsering , Yarze, Amdo
Tenzin Palyon, Old Saybrook, CT
བློ་བཟང་ཉི་མ།།, Canada
tenzin Kunsel, Groningen, Holland
ursula daniels, 20816
Tamding Namgyal, United Kingdom
Tenzin, Minneapolis, MN
Sara , Minnesota, USA
Jampa Ghapontsang, Boston
Thinley Ghapontsang, Boston
Karma Phuntshok (ཀརྨ་), Peterborough Ontario Canada
Tsering Passang, London, UK
Dickyi Tsering, New York
Grace Chin, Wilson, Wyoming
Ethan Goldings, Sichuan
xxxxxxxxx, Canton, NY, United States
Shani Shih, Washington, DC
Yueyang Zhang, China
Kristin Wyeth, Plymouth, MN, USA
Barbi Reed, Ketchum, ID
Martin Wikelski, Konstanz, Germany
Marilyn Pennell, United States
Yina, Aba, Sichuan
xxxxxxxxx, Oxford UK
Sharon Crain, Guilford, CT
Karma, Zurich, Switzerland
Dorjee Tashi, Washington DC
xxxxxxxxx, Minneapolis, MN, USA
choegyal kyab, south korea
Tenzin Tsepak, Delhi, India
David Hans-Barker, London
Carol Keslar, California, USA
sherab dolma, USA
Madison Shankle, United States
陈学金, zxkwj89cxj
Chen ZiHong, й
Dorothy Fadiman, Menlo Park, California
Angela Nawang, New York, NY
Champatashi, UVA
Hening Zheng, Montezuma, New Mexico
Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Santa Cruz
Tenzin Yangchen, USA
Phurbu dolma , New York
Shenpenn Khymsar, Vancouver Canada
Tenzin Wangchuk, Connecticut, USA
Tim Nicholson, Springfield, VA
Tenzin Tsagong, New York
Dhardon Sharling, Amherst/India
Tenzin Dasel, Minnesota, USA
Tshering Yangzom, New York, NY
Gautam Nima, Roanoke
Li Liu, Markham, Ontario, Canada
xxxxxxxxx, Canada
philip jones, North America
Tsering Tso, Chengdu
Lama Norbu, CA, USA
xxxxxxxxx, Connecticut/New York
Kunga Ngawang , Berkeley CA
Molly McKeon, Monterey, California
Jerry Hildebrand, Monterey, CA
xxxxxxxxx, Shanghai
Namgyal L. Jorden, Brooklyn, New York
Carol romeril, Ontario, Canada
Yang Kun, Singapore
Norsang, New York
Anna Allred, Washington DC
Dahae Hong, Nashville, TN
Tenzin Janjung, Minnesota, United States
Tsering T., India
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Angad Bagai, New Delhi
Amanda Ng Yann Chwen, Massachusetts, USA
Tenzin Chokki, Boston
James Raffan, Seeley\\'s Bay, ON, Canada
Andrew Grant, Los Angeles, CA
Maria Carrasco, Washington, DC
Lhamu Tsering, Brooklyn, NYC
Yeshi Dolma, Brooklyn, NYC
devrvempqw, New York
Erin Doerwald, Santa Fe, Nm
kirti kyab, Boston, USA
Patricia, Meico
Natalie Conneely, San Francisco, CA
Mary-Kate Oreovicz, Indiana, USA
Tenzing Thinley, USA
Pema Sonam , India Delhi
Ngawang Tenzin, India
Tenzin Pema, Dharamsala
Ngawang Lungtok , Delhi
Tsering Dhargyal , dehli
Karma Palzom, Madison, WI
xxxxxxxxx, Brattleboro, VT
xxxxxxxxx, Toronto
xxxxxxxxx, Singapore
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